The blogging ‘idea’

Ok, so i’ve activated my blog…..yipeee! Actually, i tot i’ld feel happier or more excited than i do right now, but, its probably not one of my best days.

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time (even though i didn’t quiteknow for sure what i wanted). I just knew that i had to do something about all these thoughts that come to my head like every second! I am almost going crazy…i keep a written journal as well but because i’m soooo lazy…i never get to write everythin i want to and writting pen on paper is quite tiring too. So, here i am, hopefully, i’ll be able to pour my heart out to my content here and at the same time share my views with people of like mind (and opposites of course) because, trust me, I HAVE got a lot to say.

I am not entirely sure i’ll get responses to my posts, but i’ll sure be happy if some of them are read, just incase you do turn out to be interested, I am a bit everywhere, i’ll probably be talking about myself a lot (hello, its a diary!), bits of politics, gossip, charities and fundraising, relationships and oh, you’ll be hearing a lot about my country as well; I am Nigerian by the way, in case you havent figured that out. Regardless of whatever you’ve seen or heard in the media, its one of the best places in the world…you should visit it sometime..serious!

Enuff for now though, I’m off to bed, hopefully, i’ll write somethin more meaningful tomorrow.


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