Posted in July 2008

Not so Kwaran….

Saturday the 26th of July was the  launch of ‘KWASANG’ in the UK and Southern Ireland. For those who dont know what that means…i’m not sure myself but i think it should be something like the kwara state association of Nigeria…we Nigerians just love long titles! To elaborate further, Kwara  is one of the states in … Continue reading

why do we care?

Have you seen Private practice? oh man, it’s the best thing since Grey’s anatomy!!!– Don’t ask me how come I always have time to watch tv so much, I’m still not in the mood to get serious with my dissertation so I feed my addiction instead….TV!!! I tell you, it’s better than some other things….Like I … Continue reading

One of those days……

Today will go down in history as the first time i blogged twice in a day! or is it? my memory is porous these days and im not even 40 yet! I’m just feeling all weird and mushy mushy today…dont know why. It might have something to do with the fact that i’m bored stiff … Continue reading

Once upon a love….

This  post is dedicated to my ex-boyfriend, Tayo with whom i can say without any shred of doubt that i shared something close to love with. I’ve had quite a bit of luck in just about everything else in my life except ofcourse in love. Have you ever been in love? wont blame you if you … Continue reading

Deception at its finest….

What can i say…it feels good to be back here! I’ve been gone(as usual) for like 3 weeks now or thereabouts and I’ve missed my page! First of all, your’s truly has been searching for a job so i’ve been going for interviews like there’s no tomorrow…how come no one ever tells you how difficult … Continue reading

Victims of circumtance or sluts by nature?

When does a girl have too many boyfriends? I was watching an episode of ‘sex and the city’ recently, yea, that ‘chick’ flick. Anyways, Carrie and the girls were debating on how many boyfriends a girl could have in a life time . I almost tripped over my chair when Miranda told Steve she’d had about … Continue reading