why do we care?

Have you seen Private practice? oh man, it’s the best thing since Grey’s anatomy!!!– Don’t ask me how come I always have time to watch tv so much, I’m still not in the mood to get serious with my dissertation so I feed my addiction instead….TV!!! I tell you, it’s better than some other things….Like I was saying, private practice happens to be some kind of spin off from Grey’s anatomy which I still miss by the way. Its got only Montgomery in there though..lots of new faces and my God…Taye Diggs!!!!. He just looks better and better everyday doesn’t he?

Quick run through….Taye and wife run a practice together in L.A apparently and they recently just got divorced. In this episode…one of Taye’s fellow doctor partner arranges for a stripper to entertain him as some form of surprise to spruce up his boring life. Wife gets wind of it and goes bunkers. The juicy bit is that she claims that she’s not bothered about him dating again but the first woman he’ll date (like she has any say in the matter), must be better than her and not some random rashed skin stripper!

Forget private practice for a sec, remember when you were still in uni and how you always wanted so badly to catch a glimpse of whomever your ex was dating after they dumped you or vice versa? It’s the exact same thing. I remember my first boyfriend in uni, we weren’t even all that, I mean, we were always fighting and it just didn’t make any sense so I broke up with him. Even though I wasn’t in love with him anymore, I was always interested in whoever he was seen with, desperately hoping she wasn’t as pretty as me, and wishing she had body odour or something ridiculous. It was crazy, I got so ticked each time I bring up the issue expecting (even my friends) to find a fault…anything wrong with her which they sometimes did (probably out of loyalty to me)but usually everyone just says…..’oh, she’s alright’, ‘she’s quite nice actually’, ‘oh, she can do this or that’. Is it just me or is everyone like that? I remember a couple of my friends too were just the same, one of my friends never stopped complaining about her ex’s new girlfriend, she found everything wrong with the poor girl…it was pathetic!

We keep saying we don’t mind whomever our ex dates as long as they’re better than us but bullshit……I said that,and I knew that in my heart of hearts, I really wanted him to feel miserable about who they dated after me, to keep comparing them to me and think oh I made a terrible mistake…I shouldn’t have let her go…if she’s prettier than me or even better than i am in other things….man, keep that news away from me ok?

Seriously though, why should I care that much if I’m no longer emotionally attached to that person, why can’t I just wish the poor guy well and hope he’s happy with his new partner?  That’s the way it should be right? I guess its only difficult if you’re still in love with the ex in question….remember Ross and Rachael in friends….God i love those two!!!! Each time one of them had a prospective liaison, they went all over themselves to sabotage the union-especially Rachael…but she remained adamant that she wasn’t interested in dating him anymore…yeah rite! And their was Miranda and Steve in sex n the city, you should have seen those two when they were introducing each others partners….they were so stupid trying to play their partners up and showing that they’ve made a better choice this time. 

I really don’t care anymore actually (unless, im still in love with him), i couldn’t be bothered if any of my ex’s dated a stripper or a bank manager…if he’s happy…then good for him and if he’s not…then he was dumb to have let me go and has probably not learned his lesson.

Done with this….gotta go watch Robin of Sherwood (havent seen that soap in ages!!!)… 


2 thoughts on “why do we care?

  1. Hmm..we dont have private practise here yet,have to try sm of my pirating skills to get it..dont judge me,:)never rlly understood the hype bout Taye Diggs till i watched an episode of sm series where he kept reliving the same day over n over..after seeing that yep ive bin converted:) as per ex’s girls..well ive always bin a bit curious and smhow feel justified cos to date still cuter than all of em put together:))ok..thats a bit nasty but allow me..chei have written mini-blog here,lemme stop..

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