Life at 25!

Welcome to the month of August…well, its almost half way gone now but better late than never right?

Yours truly will be 25 on the 18th of this month and is planning to have a big one if I might call it that. There’s something I do every year, and that’s taking stock of all I’ve done that year, what I’d hoped to do, where I’ve gone wrong and what I wanna do better. I must say that my dreams for 25 were quite different when I was younger, for example; I’m supposed to have been married for a year now, should have my twins (boy and girl) by now and should also have a solid job too, none of which I’ve done, so I refuse to take stock this year. Instead, I want to look at what I’ve been able to achieve instead (abi?).

I might not be married but at least, I’m not divorced either (dry joke eh eh eh)

I might not have a job but I’ve got my masters degree which is no small feat at 25 (ask me and I’ll tell you about it)

As for my twins….they’ll come when Mr Husband comes along…for now, I’m content to wait (hmm…like I have a choice).

I started my blog (something I should have done for years)…..ah…my own personal space in the atmosphere where I can fully express myself and be as crazy as I want without being judged…which is turning to be a truly amazing experience.

The high point of the year for me though was my journey of self discovery. It took me a while but at 25, I’ve finally discovered why I am here and what I want to do with myself. For those of you who know me in person, you already know that I and charities are inseparable. You’ll also know that I might bite your head off if you say anything negative about my country (things might not be too good over there, but we’re the only ones that are allowed to diss each other, got it?). Dissin women is also not a good thing to do in my presence so you might wanna take note (if u can be bothered).

 I do intend to work and get paid (obviously, man must chop now!) but my main dream is to be able to reach out to people in need, people who are not as privileged as most of us, help them, inspire them and give them a reason to smile. For me, it’s not just about raising money, it’s about relating to others at the deepest level, it’s about knowing where the shoe hurts and doing whatever it takes to ease the pain. I’m not sure how I’ll go about it right now, but it’s a must that it be done, if not by me, then hopefully by others who have been inspired like I have by the pain and suffering of fellow human beings who out of no fault of theirs (yes, we know that there are some lazy dodo’s but I mean the genuinely helpless ones), have lost all hope of having a normal life, you might say its their destiny and I might agree but I’ll also say that its our destiny to be able to help them. While we might not be able to put an end to their misery, we can do a lot to make life just a tad bit easier for them.

I’ll share a dream with you. It’s a dream for my country which many call a crippled giant. It’s a land of plenty but many still die of starvation. It’s a land that has got soo much potential to be much more than it is but for reasons I won’t talk about today, things are the way they are right now.

 I dream of a Nigeria where indigenes don’t run away from their own home in search of greener pastures for the land is already green

I dream of a Nigeria where every child has a right to education

I dream of a Nigeria where everyone is treated with equality and respect regardless of his/her ethnic group or religion

I dream of a Nigeria truly united in love and trust

I dream of a Nigeria where youths have the ability and resources to be who they want to be

I dream of a Nigeria where citizens can take basic amenities for granted

I dream of a Nigeria with leaders with a vision and genuine passion for prosperity

But most importantly, I dream of a Nigeria where NEPA/PHCN works!!!!! (Please I can’t stand not having electricity).

Not to bore you any further, cos I didn’t intend to write this much. I’ll go back to the main topic at hand…my birthday. 25 is a big one, and I intend to celebrate it in a big way but I couldn’t do it without all you my people…(yep, the sikes have begun…lol.)

Every year, I celebrate my birthdays with a lil bit of pomp and gaiety, u know we Leos like to make noise…its in our nature. But this year’s gonna be different. Instead of spending all that money on a bash that all of us can actually do without, I’m gonna save everyone the trouble by making our lives easier. There will be no birthday bash this year…there will be celebrations though…just no big party. For those of you who owe me a birthday gift (you know yourselves), I’d like to state what my wishes are for this year so you don’t end up buying what I don’t need. So, here’s what I’d like for my birthday


What I would like for you to do instead on my behalf is to support two amazing charities in Nigeria that I have pledged my support for. ‘THESE GENES’ and ‘The support an orphan project’. THESE GENES is a project by Tosyn Bucknor to raise funds for persons suffering from sickle cell anaemia, we all know what the disease is but this amazing lady has helped put a face to what those who’ve got the condition go through in their struggle. If you know anyone who’s got it then maybe you’ll understand better. I lost a friend to the disease early this year and I still cry anytime I remember him because he was such a promising fellow and so full of life…what hurts most: I never got to say goodbye, all it took was one bad crisis and he was gone. I never want to loose anyone like that again so I’m earnestly praying that a cure be found ASAP.

The support an orphan project on the other hand is an event organised by Usman Imanah of ‘Development report magazine’. A magazine that show cases non governmental organisations in Nigeria and the amazing works done by charities. This particular event will take place on the 9th of August (great things are happening this month, don’t you think?) and people are encouraged to visit an orphanage bearing gifts for the social workers and the children themselves. I wish I was in Nigeria so I’d be able to attend but since I won’t be there in person, helping to raise funds is the only way to show my support for these wonderful children.

For details on how you can support any of these charities (as my birthday present of course…lol) please get in touch with me……I’ll only give u my number if I’m sure you’re really gonna support these charities……..(yes I’m wicked n I know). I’ll come over to wherever you are ..yea, I’m willing to do that, so I’ll collect your donations in person. I’ll also be giving a lil something out to say ‘thank you’ to all those who will be so kind enough to donate.

 I’ll also be giving out what I call ‘goody bags’ where you can give donations in kind, books especially are welcome, clothes, shoes and accessories aint bad either……and I’ll worry abt how it gets to Nigeria.

Another alternative for those of you whom I still owe dates for one reason or the other…you can ‘dine with fade’ for 4 hours at any restaurant of your choice but the catch is that you pledge a donation to these charities (yes, I’m crazy too n I know…lol).

So thank you very much  for taking time out to read this…but please remember though that its not about me or my birthday, but about being human, and being willing and able to do something positive to change someone’s life.

Have a merry August!


Go on....tell me what you think. I love Reading Your Replies!

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