The Oppressor or the Oppressed: The Plight of today’s Muslim.

Muslims Protesting outside the Mosque On Bakers Street, London.

Muslims Protesting outside the Mosque On Bakers Street, London.

By Jill Drew
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, August 12, 2008; 8:40 AM



“BEIJING, Aug. 12 — Three security officials were killed at a roadside checkpoint in western China’s Xinjiang region today when at least one assailant jumped off a passing vehicle and stabbed them to death, state media reported. It was the third deadly incident in nine days, coinciding with the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing”.

Thats a news cliping from one of the many press releases covering the recent wave of violence that has sprung up in China’s Xinjiang province between muslims and the Chinese government. Muslims in China(about 150 milliom strong) are using the media coverage of the olympics to protest against the oppression against muslims living in the country.
Apart from China, there are too many countries all over the world where muslims are currently waging various battles against authorities for survival. AS of this morning, there have been casualties in Georgia, the Philipines, China and we all know about the war in the US on Iraq and Afghanistan against the taliban, not to forget the age long war in Palestine and Lebanon. Yes……Muslims are fighting everywhere. Many of their guerrilla groups are nothing more than a pest to many governments, a constant headache to world powers such as the US and the Uk. Some of the most gruesome attacks on humanity have been committed by islamic extremists in the name of Jihad… one is safe from their guns and attacks as innocent women and children have been blown to pieces without so much as a second thought.
What baffles most is the sheer audacity with which they carry out their operations, in the most obvious places where no normal human would dare commit such atrocities.
These people are bold and selfless, they will stop at nothing to proove their point and take their revenge even if it means taking their own lives, surely, these people must be mad right? and surely we shuld all fear all those who claim to believe in this faith that drives its faithfuls to such dreadful acts?
Well, are you?

I have been watching the events around the world with mixed interest and trepidation. You ask why? Its because I am a Muslim. I am a muslim in a world where muslims are feared. AS it stands now, in a typical community anywhere in the world, the moment a bearded man enters a building or comes close to you, you start searching his garments with your eyes for any bulges cos who knows…he just might have an explosive hidden there somewhere. I must confess that even i am a bit terrified of my fellow brothers in the faith because in their quest for justice,they dont care whose axe is gored, muslims die in those attacks as well as christians.
We know Muslims have always been misunderstood anyway, what with the weird laws and dress sense (especially for women) but I guess the deciding factor for most were the September 11 attacks in the US and the 7/7 attcks here in the UK.
You’ll need to see footage of these fateful events to appreciate the true impact thay’ve had on the lives of tose affected. If they cant stand another muslim, i guess its understandable.

My fear though is that if the world is already wary of us even though its still largely restricted to the more radical ones amongst us,it wont take very long before the world will start treating the rest of us as outcasts if we keep our current antics up.
But lets hold on a minute, we Africans say ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ right? Surely the world will be interested in what prompted these people to be so angry and vengeful? I dont know the whole genesis of the problem but i do know that most muslim communities and countries have suffered and are still suffering massive oppression in the hands of various governements. These incidences have been going on for generations but the world wasn’t listening when those people were crying for mercy because they had no voice. Ngozi Adiechie’s phrase…’the world was asleep when we died’ is an apt description of events in those times.
We know where the worlds cncentration of muslims are…..the middle east. Coincidentally, this is also where most of the worlds oil concentration also is so the politics at play isnt too hard to figure. Even islamic countries without oil arent left behind…its either they’re supposed neigbours are plotting to wipe them out to be able to claim their lands or they’re just not allowed to live in peace for one reason or the other. Every human has their own tolerance limit, if you’ve been poking someone for a long time without any fight from the individual for a long time, dont be too smug because when the person does decide to retaliate back….you might not be prepared for the frustration and anger that he/she will unleash on you. I believe this is what is happening to all these muslim ‘radicals’ around the world. If you have any friends that come from the middle east, you would know that they could be the sweetest people on earth, generous and selfless but if you try to play a fast one them or cheat them…you’re asking for trouble.

While i might not be in support of their methods…..i fully agree with some of their reasons. Why cant everyone in the world just live in Unity? why should someone come to my country and try to impose their own culture over mine? why cant i practice my faith wherever i want in the world, even in my own country? why should other people extend their greed and quest for power to other people’s lands? Why should you want what doesnt belong to your country? why do people just hate one another because they dont share the same faith?

Muslims on their way to the Chinese Embassy in London.

Muslims on their way to the Chinese Embassy in London.

No One in the world regardless of race or religion should ever have to suffer oppression from fellow humans who are mere mortals like he/she is. Why cant christians in China practice their faith because the governement is atheist?We are all equal in the eyes of God, and if we’re all so worried about what God says or didnt say, try to imagine what he’s thinking about what’s going on everywhere……i seriously think he wont be happy with any of us cos we’re all guilty in one little way or the other.



Not all muslims are terrorists or radicals and not all christians oppress muslims so why should innocent people have to suffer for other people’s crimes? While these extremists are greatly flawed in their quest for revenge, I think all they’re really seeking is for the world to listen to them, for the world to understand the politics that people play with human lives, for the world to also weep like they have wept for their own innocent women and children, for the world to shudder like they have shuddered from foreign invasion. It is human nature for humans to seek revenge against those who have wronged us but my people……is revenge not for God? In our struggle for Jihad, let us leave not any reason for the world to label us as anything but peace loving people. Let everyone in the world express their faith or lack of it in whatever way they want to…it is a free world, lets not oppress one another because it would only be the end of us.
God is more than capable of fighting His own battles, lets not make this an excuse to wipe each other out.


One thought on “The Oppressor or the Oppressed: The Plight of today’s Muslim.

  1. to those grabbing for power over the whole world, we are all just pawns in their game. I am a Christian American, and I know 911 was an inside job. So do millions of us. The Chinese, the Russians and the council of the real people people who run America are all jockying for power. They will pit Christians against Muslims without a second thought as to the cost in lives. Most Americans have seen through the deceptions behind the illusion of this government.
    I married a muslim woman just to help her stay in the U.S. and fight for her child. Her child was taken away by the Local family courts so they could receive federal money, I guess they figured no one would care, she’s muslim. Because she is a “child of God”, we cared, and are still fighting for her.

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