……been too long

WOW…its been exactly a year and three months since I last posted anything on my blog. Personally, I feel this is unpardonable, the question of my laziness has never been debated by myself or those who really know me but I just really can not forgive myself for this lapse.

So many things I’ve missed writing about, where do I even start from? For someone as dynamic as myself, you can’t begin to imagine the vital details of my memoirs that I’ve neglected documenting in the past year…..I mean, need I really say it that a looooooooooooooot has happened in this past year.

Lets start with my elusive dissertation, I just went through my old posts and it suddenly occurred to me just how worried I was back then about completing my dissertation on time. I was sooo ditracted though, jeez, my life was very interesting then wasn’t it? Anyways, I did finish and with flying colours too, although, in typical leo fashion, I almost missed the deadline! So dissertation completed, I did graduate last year too, had a big party to celebrate that as I never had a graduation party for my first degree.

Its always interesting reading your older posts isn’t it? maybe its just me but I felt like I was reading about myself from a different era….I have CHANGED soo much! But then, change IS the only constant thing in life isn’t it? I feel a bit more grown up now, not so cheesy or naive as I was (maybe still just a tad bit childish) but can’t help that.

I did also get a job last year, not my dream job I might add, but it pays the bills (hmm hmm, yeah, its like that). Funny how selfish and greedy one can get, now I’m in the process of looking for a job AGAIN??? is it just co-incidence or how come the last time I was seriously blogging, I was job hunting as well? My current job is quite interesting, still not conventional but not as crazy as my fellas at the sales company (refer to old post).  Its also very time consuming, which is partially responsible for my not being able to blog for so long, by the time I’m home, I’m so kanckered that I just wanna jump straight into bed. I’ve got a blackberry now though, and I’ll see how convenient it is to blog with that instead of relying on my laptop all the time.

I have sooo outgrown facebook now! I dont know if that counts as growing up or just cos I’ve become so busy that I literally dont have a social life anymore (and I thought Uni was challenging)..ugh! I cant believe just how much time I used to spend on facebook last year, I cant deny it was a lot of fun too….but I’ve lost the drive now. Most of my friends seem to have grown out of it now as well. I still get updates about status updates and photos on my phone, I just dont respond or make my presence known as much anymore…i guess you could just say I snoop around more.

I guess most people have made the transition from facebook to twitter now…but I get so sick and tired of all these techy advancements sometimes that I want to stop time where it is at present to slow down the pace. Remember the Hi5 era? That was the place to be then in terms of social networking, then My Space and then facebook came along and it was goodbye to Hi5. Now its twitter and not just twitter, there’s also Bebo and all such so and so’s. Frankly, I cant be bothered anymore cos its only a matter of time before someone comes up with another social networking site and then there’ld be another mass exodus to the reigning champion……ok enough about that…i think I sound like a grumpy old mum!

I also have been dating (uh yeah)…..its getting pretty serious too and fingers crossed, this is looking likely to be ‘the one’  by God’s grace. Its been a lot of hardwork I have to say. My boyfriend is 12 years older than myself and being the kind of person I am (mouthy, headstrong, stubborn, opinionated) its taken a while for the poor bloke to understand me. I think with older men, they do tend to treat you like their kids sisters or daughters and if you’re the gentle and peace loving kinda girl, I guess it would be smooth sailing but you see…..yours truly is not quite that straight forward.

Anyways, I’ll save the details of our ups and downs for another day, we’re good and solid now….and after a year, I think I can confidently say that I am in love yeah….love, maybe not in the crazy, can’t breathe or eat without him kinda way but I am happy and content.

Enough about me, last year was quite a stormy year wasn’t it? Still can’t believe Michael Jackson is dead…I didnt even know how much I loved the guy until he died. I know not everyone shares my sentiments, but despite all the bad publicity, I just couldnt bring myself to loathe him…I’m sorry! I felt like I’d lost a close friend that I never knew if that makes any sense…I’m sure it doesn’t but ……anyways, I think the world lost a real gem there.

And the global recession….ah….lets not even go there!

Right now, it’s the British weather thats making a lot of waves in the media. When I was a kid, I used to lurv snow! Maybe because I was born and grew up in the tropics and just seeing the white substance in hollywood movies, was simply awesome. Now I have seen snow, felt it and its impact and I’m dissapointed i’m saying this but one day of snow…great! several days however, is a no no. I personally dont react well to cold and prolonged cold snaps dont do me any good as you can imagine. I’ve  had to go to work in this horrible weather, and since I still dont drive yet (more on that later) I have to stand at the train/bus station for several minutes and even walked home on one particular day.

Now I’ve got chilblains….had never even heard of the word until 4 days ago when I couldnt feel my toes and then the poor things became sore and extremely itchy….I was in agony for God’s sake and I’ve still got it too….sob!

The good thing about the weather though is the hats people have been wearing…lol. I read something about that in Metro but didnt quite get it until lately……man,, are there funny hats in London or what….some of the styles just simply crack me up!

There’s forecast for more snow as well, what kind of shoes are best for walking in the darn thing, especially when it turns to ice? I’ve tried trainers, timberland boots (which aided the chilblains by the way) and leather boots. They all still seem to slip anyways, dont want to end up breaking a bone or loosing a tooth in addition to limping at the moment.

I havent looked up yet, but I’m sure I’ve written the equivalent of  4 chapters by now…phew! I HAVE  missed writing and I promise I’ll make more of an effort to do so (ok, I know i say that all the time).

I can’t possibly fit in a year into one post so I will try (emphasis on the word TRY) to do so gradually but i think I talk to much and get carried away too easily for that to happen.

Anyways, off to do some job hunting and oh….I just must say this about the one book(s) I loved most in the past year. Its cheesy and I am ashamed I’m so smitten by the book but I am enchanted by the Twilight books! have all four and watched both movies and as cheesy, and ridiculously impossible as the story line is….I have been woed! And you know I’m gonna say it…..I do have a crush on Robert Pattinson, OMG…..ok, he’s a tad too young for me but whatever!

Currently though, I am reading a very old book ‘The diary of Anne Frank’. Heard about it in a movie about the freedom writers in the USA, and I’m quite intrigued by the brilliant mind of this 12 year old.

Right, thats all for now, ttyl!

Go on....tell me what you think. I love Reading Your Replies!

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