Posted in July 2012

Olympic Fever

Traffic jams, crowds, buntings, face lifts, music, big screens, Torch relay, dress rehearsals……the Olympics have finally arrived! Yes, and I’m excited! Which is strange considering that for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to endure horrible traffic at every turn as I live and work in the Olympic Borough, I’ve had to suffer long … Continue reading

Soul Searching Much….

It’s really really disheartening when you have this feeling deep down in your heart of being inadequate in certain capacities only to have people constantly confirm it again and again. You can’t even be mad at them, knowing that they’re oblivious to your internal turmoil. I’m babbling now, and I only ever do that when … Continue reading

What’s been on my replay this week?

Maroon 5- Pay phone, I have always been a big fan and I really think this new album rocks! Though I still like their first album the most. It was one of the first CD’s I ever bought by myself ever….- I’m a softie for soft rock and lady Antebellum‘s ‘Need You Now‘ is really … Continue reading

Getting Married in the UK

I attended 2 weddings last week. One, was my sister in law’s registry ceremony and the other was an English/Asian wedding last week. I can assure you that there was no ‘mo gbo, mo branch’ in the latter, I was actually invited as the groom was chairman’s work colleague. One of the pro’s of getting … Continue reading

Naija Weddings

I always dreamt of having the perfect wedding….like many other girls I suppose. But if you got married back home in Nigeria, then you’ll understand this post ( depending on your circumstances ofcourse). If you are planning to get married back home and you live abroad, make you siddon come hear tory. I meant to … Continue reading

Coming back…..

I should really be ashamed of myself…I mean for real??? I cant, I refuse to even check the last time I blogged! Probably sometime last year? Absolutely shameful! I wont bother making any more excuses for my inability to be consistent, I’ll just get on with it…seriously though…. Anyways, my inspiration for this current post … Continue reading