Coming back…..

I should really be ashamed of myself…I mean for real??? I cant, I refuse to even check the last time I blogged! Probably sometime last year? Absolutely shameful! I wont bother making any more excuses for my inability to be consistent, I’ll just get on with it…seriously though….

Anyways, my inspiration for this current post came from my shame…,obviously, and stumbling upon a couple of blogs lately…yesterday actually. Wow, talk about progress on the Nigerian blog front hmm. I was really impressed with the amount of activity I saw, the quality of the blogs etc etc and I realised I have been missing big time. I know I said before I was going to start making an effort …..and I didnt….This time, I am  really gonna try. I still don’t think I’ve got a particular focus yet so its still gonna be just random stuff I guess.

At least I wont be blogging about men, relationships and what have you anymore, yours truly is a mum now and speaking of which, I am going to have a quick read on my previous posts and see if I have any PG stuff there, don’t want my kids seeing some of the more embarrasing ones, but then again why not? It might not be so bad to find out that mummy is human after all.

A few months ago, I was going through my wardrobe and I stumbled upon my ‘diary’ that I kept about 5 years ago. I couldnt help flicking through the pages even though I was about to go out and I was in a hurry. It brought back memories you know, good, bad and the ugly. I could tell it was not a very good time for me and I had told everything in such vivid detail that I was able to re live each memory by reading it. You can guess what was causing me grief at the time (rolling eyes).

I put the diary down and shook my head at my immaturity and inpatience, funny enough, I had actually predicted in it that I was going to read that diary in furure and I would give myself a kicking for my stupidity when I did, boy, was I right or what.

What can we do but thank God though, I looked at my life now and compared it to what seemed like a never ending string of dilemmas back then and I just had to praise God, I am still praising Him, because he is sooooo faithful. I dont deserve it, heck, I’ll be the first to confess to that but He has just been so faithful!

On a lighter note, for some reason today, I couldn’t get this Style plus(yes Style Plus, I know!!) song out of my head. This prompted a frantic search on You Tube for Olufunmi, runaway and imagine that, my favs by the group. Listening to those songs felt great! Really good times for the Nigerian music industry, I personally think those guys changed the face of the Naija music scene for better. They dont make music like that anymore though…shame that.

I mean, I know music is big business in Nigeria now but hmmm, I can’t be bothered with most of them nowadays because they either dont make any sense whatsoever or I cant even understand what they’re saying. My husband was cringing while I was playing Style Plus this, bless. I suppose us women do tend to like that genre more than men.

Bring back style plus any day man….I miss their kind of music….


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