Posted in September 2013

Guilty Pleasures

I’m unashamedly absolutely addicted to crime drama. From CSI to Criminal Minds and Bones, I just can’t get enough of them, it’s crazy but it’s true, I am officially in a relationship with the harbingers of ¬†paranoia and I’m totally helpless. It all started with CSI Vegas while I was pregnant.I couldn’t get any sleep … Continue reading

The Post Baby Pouch

I know some women are blessed with the flattest tummies in the world that even pregnancy and having a baby won’t stretch but I am one of those still going about with the goodie bag mother nature handed me for going to the pregnancy party. I can hear you saying ……’but it’s only been three … Continue reading

Babies……Life’s little Miracles

My little girl will be three months soon and it’s just amazing how time flies. One minute you’re pushing them out wondering what they are going to be like and you’re scared as hell that you will mess things up. Next thing you know, they’re talking back at you. She’s learning to do little push … Continue reading