Babies……Life’s little Miracles

My little girl will be three months soon and it’s just amazing how time flies. One minute you’re pushing them out wondering what they are going to be like and you’re scared as hell that you will mess things up. Next thing you know, they’re talking back at you.

babiesShe’s learning to do little push ups now and it’s absolutely adorable to watch! She’s also a bit nosy as she’s been trying to master the art of turning her head round to look around her since she was 2 months! She can just about hold her head by herself for about a minute now :-D…..mummy is really proud!

I was trying to describe how it felt being a mother to my sister in law  who just had her first baby the other day and I just couldn’t find the right words to describe it. I mean, how do you explain the immeasurable joy that fills your heart when your baby smiles back at you for the first time? Or how excited you get when they say their first word.

The first time my two year old called me ‘mummy’, I almost cried!

I felt this overwhelming wave of emotion. I mean, I’m someone’s ‘mummy’! I was so happy but I was scared too because, I also call someone mummy and I expect a whole lot from that person so it sort of dawned on me that this little person was going to expect a lot from me. Now that’s bound to keep you straight isn’t it?

When I go to pick up my son from nursery and he runs to me when he sees me; Now, that is usually the highlight of my day…’s just a magical moment. You can’t possibly explain how it feels to see your baby’s face light up with a smile when you walk into the room. That bond is impossible to describe.

Having said all that, there’s no denying that there are moments you wonder why on earth you put yourself in this position for God‘s sakes. baby2

Although I happen to be one of the lucky ones blessed with quick labour; the whole thing is usually over for me in a few hours (I actually had my daughter 30 minutes after going into labour!), the pain alone is enough to make you think twice about falling pregnant again, especially if you never have the time to get any form of pain relief like me.

Like when they’re newborn and you have to wake up every other hour to feed them, or when they start crying incessantly through the night even though you’ve ticked all the right boxes…i.e fed them, changed them, burped them. Or when you’ve waited endless months for them to start walking and when they do, you have to run after them at every turn and it drives you nuts! Then you look forward to when they start talking so you can you know….communicate, only for you to realise quickly that their favourite word is NO.

Truth is after all is said and done, you still love them. I don’t know how but I find myself really really mad at something my son has done one minute, the next minute, I’m hugging him and kissing him, everything forgotten. I can’t explain it but that’s what they do to you!

I know there are people out there who decide not to have children and I respect that even though I can’t understand it but I personally think It’s one of the greatest miracles in life.

In this world we live in….so full of so much sadness and horrible events, It’s just great to know that some of life’s miracles can still be preserved, away from all the atrocities and when I look into my baby’s eyes or when I’m babbling away with my son, I totally forget about whatever horrible stuff I just saw in the news or the person who pissed me off on my way home and stuff like that just seem trivial.

I love my babies and I am so grateful to God for blessing me with them. If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not you want to have children…..take it from me, they are well worth the risk.

3 thoughts on “Babies……Life’s little Miracles

  1. I know how u feel about ur little miracles. I feel the same way toddler is the sweetest, cutest,funniest being u can imagine yet can really make me miserable at times withwith her loud wails over trivial things. The smile my newborn gives can melt even the hardest heart.they are such a miracle and worth having so I fail to understand when pple refuse to have kids in the right circumstances

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