Blogging Can Be Hard….even if You love Writing

I keep doing this.

work hardI don’t know how people get consistent with their blogging…actually, scrap that. I do know. They work at it….HARD. When you love writing as much as I do, there really should be no excuse for not being consistent. I get ideas I want to write about popping into my head a hundred times a day but I let stuff get in the way. I keep telling myself, if I could just get to that laptop, if, if, if…..*sigh.

I could give you several very reasonable reasons why I haven’t written anything in almost a year; I’ve been swamped with work, family stuff plus I’ve just had baby no 2 ;-) and everyone knows that’s a different ball game entirely, but I have seen people who’ve got families, work and somehow they still manage to be consistent with their blogs. So I’ve decided that I’m not hard at myself enough (or maybe I’m too hard on myself?) anyways, whatever. Bottom line is (and I’ve said this before) I’m gonna work at this, I will try to write when I feel like writing because I think this is where the problem is, I let the moment pass and once that moment is gone….it’s just well, gone.

So I’m gonna try and catch up with all you lovely people whose blogs I follow (you guys really used to inspire me), find some more amazing blogs to read and just let it flow.

Wish me luck……x



3 thoughts on “Blogging Can Be Hard….even if You love Writing

  1. Hi Fadekemi,

    I perfectly understand you. I love writing too. I would rather write than go party with friends. In fact. I love writing way more than talking.

    Then something unusual happened July last year. I decided to start writing at least 5 posts a week, and in 3 months time I moved up to 1 post per day. I didn’t believe I could do it. I was expecting weeks I won’t meet the goal. It’s now about 6 months and I’m yet to fail. I now publish a creative and inspirational article a day. And, o boy, it makes me feel like a Superman. I have been blogging since 2009 and until I did it I never believed I could write the kind of articles I write and be able to do it daily.

    Now I’m constantly searching for other things I considered impossible; I wanna try them out to be sure they are impossible.

    Thanks for sharing this connecting thought.

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