The Post Baby Pouch

I know some women are blessed with the flattest tummies in the world that even pregnancy and having a baby won’t stretch but I am one of those still going about with the goodie bag mother nature handed me for going to the pregnancy party.

I can hear you saying ……’but it’s only been three months‘ since you had your baby! But see, I know my tummy isn’t going to magically go back to its pre- pregnancy shape and by pre- pregnancy, I mean pre my first baby.

I know this because I was still carrying around my pouch from baby no 1 by the time I had no 2. I can’t really blame it all on the tummy or pregnancy. First of all, I can’t honestly say that I had a ‘flat tummy’ even before pregnancy.tummy The only time my stomach was ever flat was first thing in the morning before I had breakfast ;-). After that, I always had a round tummy although it wasn’t really obvious underneath my clothes even when I wore tight-fitting ones, I’ve always been such a  glutton!

Secondly, I didn’t  do anything…I mean nothing, nada….zilch about getting my abdominal region back in shape after my first baby. I don’t know….it just didn’t really bother me that much, admittedly this pissed off my hubby ….a lot!

Who cares about a bulging tummy when you’ve just become a mum for the time? I’m not a celebrity or anything am I? I read somewhere in one of those millions of pregnancy and breastfeeding books they give you  at the hospital that breastfeeding really helps. I’ve met women who hold on to this theory like they read it in the bible but I’m sorry, I don’t think breastfeeding alone will get your abdominal muscles back to their previous shape without doing anything else. I breastfed my son till he was one and yes, my tummy looked better than it did initially…duh…but I was still carrying around a reasonably noticeable pouch.

Thirdly, I knew, just knew in my subconscious that I wanted to have baby no 2 soon, it was a matter of whether or not God willed it that way, fortunately, He did, so I was just like why bother getting it all flat when I’m still going to go through it all over again?

This time however, I’ve been all over it from the moment I got back  from the hospital even before the hubby began his lecture about getting back in shape in the first few months before it’s too late. I don;t feel like I’m under pressure or anything, I just want to get back in shape…for me this time. It doesn’t really help though that celebrities do whatever it is they do to get back into shape merely weeks after they’ve had a baby.

I’m normally a Kate Middleton fan and I was really proud of her for coming out in public while she still had a pouch a couple of days after having her baby. kate n willsBarely 2 months later, it was as if she never had a baby, there’s no way her tummy got back to being that flat naturally without having gone through whatever it is these celebrities go through to come out in public and show off to us ordinary mortals that they can do what we can’t and don’t have the means to achieve. I can’t begrudge her though, she is a princess after all.

Anyways, back to my dilemma, I’ve been doing my research and after you tubing post partum exercises, checking out tummy tucking belts and cinches, corsets and all the works. I just don’t know if I’ve  found something that could work for me.

pp belt2I’ve read about post partum belts like these ones that some women apparently wear day and night in order to get back into shape….WHAT? I’ve got one or two tummy shapers that I wear underneath my clothes during the day and believe me by the time I take them off at night, it feels like I’ve been holding my breath all day. I can’t, no, I won’t even think about wearing those things  over night. I want to get back into shape don’t get me wrong, but i sure don’t want it that bad, at least not yet.

There’s a traditional way of going about in Nigeria which typically involves massaging your stomach with towel soaked in hot water for the first few weeks after birth. This is usually done alongside tying your tummy very tightly with a cloth (I’ve read that this is also practiced in other parts of the world).

i did try the hot water system but since I’m the one doing the massaging, a few things were not done properly. Obviously, I’m not gonna put a scalding hot towel on myself!!! I test the water, if it’s too hot, i wait just a tad bit for it to cool down a little (I’m sorry, I’m a scaredy cat, I know!) before putting it on my tummy.

There were a few issues with the tying system too since, first of all, I couldn’t find a suitable cloth to use as all my wraps ended up being bulky underneath my clothes plus the hubby would have to always help me tie it, not very practical.

For some women, carrying around a pouch might not really be much of a big deal but for someone like me who has a very slim figure, the clothes that fit me the best are fitted clothes and at the moment, I look like an  antelope whenever I wear my fitted clothes, which is most of the time, I’ve had to buy some loose fitting tops that hide my pouch but I prefer my fitted clothes!

While we’re at it, can someone please tell the nosy buggers who ask if you’re pregnant just because they see a bit of tummy sticking out? First of, if I am pregnant, it should be my prerogative if and when to tell you. I think it’s out-of-order for you to presume that someone is pregnant based on the shape of their abdomen. It’s embarrassing for the person you’re asking and also the person asking.

At the moment, it seems my best option and the one most appealing to me right now will be to hit the gym as soon as baby girl is old enough to be left at home with her dad. I look forward to the day that I’ll go shopping and buy something I actually want that I feel confident in, rather than something that covers my pouch.

If you have any tips that work, I’ll be glad to hear them, in the meantime, we’ll just leave those body con dresses at the back of the wardrobe shall we?




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