Guilty Pleasures

I’m unashamedly absolutely addicted to crime drama. From CSI to Criminal Minds and Bones, I just can’t get enough of them, it’s crazy but it’s true, I am officially in a relationship with the harbingers of  paranoia and I’m totally helpless.

It all started with CSI Vegas while I was pregnant.I couldn’t get any sleep till 4 am most days thanks to heartburn and indigestion, so being the TV junkie that I am, I’d stay up all night flicking through the channels in search of something interesting to watch.

Now I am not your typical thriller/horror fan. I am super squeamish so it came as a surprise to me and the hubby when I suddenly became a big CSI fan. I had always flicked past it whenever I saw it showing and would typically favour ‘Sex and City’ or ‘Girlfriends’ over CSI (obviously). But I watched an episode once and I got hooked, it didn’t turn out to be as gory and scary as I had always imagined. What more can I say?

horatioOf all the CSI’s, my absolute favourite is CSI Vegas but, every CSI veteran knows that it’s the lead CSI in each programme that makes it so interesting and while I adore Grissom and his bugs, I love me some Horatio! that sideways stance and the sunglasses :-),Talk about swagger!

After discovering that I actually do possess some guts, I proceeded to push myself to watch Criminal Minds. This was funny though because although I could tell from the title of the programme that it was no comedy or any such thing. The presence of Thomas Gibson from Dharma and Greg and Shema Moore from Soul food sort of made me think the show couldn’t really be that bad. Boy was I wrong!

I ended up falling in love with Criminal Minds over and above CSI though. The plot was just more amazing, besides, I love Psychology. If I hadn’t  studied Biochemistry in Uni, I was seriously considering Psychology. If I may say so myself, I think I’m quite observant. More importantly,I feel  the show is based more on practical scenarios from everyday life and as disturbing as some of the stories and characters were, it was a stark reminder of just how sick a world it is that we live in.

As you can imagine, it got me checking the door locks 4 times before going to bed. I got so paranoid that I wouldn’t dare open the door to anyone even in broad day light no matter what they said. I’d speak to people from behind the door which is oh so very rude, I know. But I couldn’t help myself, it was the criminal minds effect! I started looking at every handy man as a potential psycho and I’ll be the first to admit that the show has had an influence on how secure I feel generally…it’s sad I know but you see why I don’t do horror movies now don’t you?

The funny part of my addiction that I haven’t been able to figure out till today is why after having my baby, I totally went off any crime drama. i could just about stand some episodes of Criminal minds but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the re runs or even new seasons of CSI Vegas, Miami or New York. It was as if, the birth of my son was the cold water I needed to get me un hooked from my addiction.

It however didn’t come as a surprise that as soon as  I was pregnant with baby no 2…..I wanted to watch CSI again! I was craving crime drama like most women crave sweets and McDonald’s during pregnancy, it made no sense at all! Now I have tried to rationalise my addiction to crime drama during pregnancy and the best I could come up with is that it’s probably due to the nesting instinct you get before you go into labour. The overwhelming urge to protect your baby so in a really twisted way, this was my way of preparing myself to protect my baby from the big bad world? I don’t know…..

So we were back to the nocturnal psychological torture, only this time, there was a slight change in schedule. Sky had replaced CSI with Bones. another hit US Crime series.

Now I didn’t like Bones. I tried to watch it once  but I kept comparing to CSI, in my books, any other forensic crime drama was a cheap copy plus I found the whole Brennan-Booth thing cheesy. I never gave NCIS a chance either, neither did I watch Blue Bloods or SVU etc etc.

I am now addicted to Bones. In fact, I’d say Bones has won the addiction battle because even though I am no longer pregnant, and true to form, I can’t stand the sight of another episode of CSI, I am completely addicted to Bones. Ironically, what won me over was the whole thing between Brennan and Booth. I’ve come to really love Brennan…I mean you just gotta love her, who wouldn’t? she’s crazy! And what woman in her right mind would not want a Booth as a partner ugh?

bonesCome on, If all agents in the FBI came as standard issue in the form of Booth, heck, forget the perils of the job, sign me up!….like right now.


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