Posted in October 2013

Hesitant about Halloween

This is one of those topics that even at my ripe old age of thirty, I’m yet to make up my mind about. Before emigrating to the UK, I was vaguely aware of Halloween as something that existed only in Hollywood movies. It took an episode of ‘Friends‘ to realise that it was actually a … Continue reading

Holby City Vs Grey’s Anatomy

Here in the UK, we have our share of medical drama just as in the US with “Grey’s Anatomy”, “House”, “Scrubs” and “ER“. We can boast of at least three I believe; “Doctors”, “Holby City” and “casualty”. Of all three, I can only talk about Holby because it’s the only one of three that I … Continue reading

Venice…The Eternal City

I Visited Venice three years ago while my husband and I were on honeymoon. You’ve got to believe all the rumours about the City. It is without doubt one of the most amazing places in the world. For us, It was a toss between Venice and Seychelles while deciding where to go on honeymoon being … Continue reading