Venice…The Eternal City

I Visited Venice three years ago while my husband and I were on honeymoon. You’ve got to believe all the rumours about the City. It is without doubt one of the most amazing places in the world. For us, It was a toss between Venice and Seychelles while deciding where to go on honeymoon being the water lover that I am.

While Seychelles promised alluring waters and a beautiful coastline at a cost that would definitely break the bank, Venice seemed more inviting with the promise of magical waterways, a romantic feel and never-ending canals.

I absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to go back over there. The peo

ple were so lovely and warm and our hotel was fantastic. I love sea food and the restaurants did not disappoint at all with dishes prepared from freshly caught fish.

Unlike most couples on honeymoon, we did quite a lot of exploring as opposed to having the “Do Not Disturb” Sign in front our hotel room door all day (You Know what I mean ;-)). It was that tempting.

I Know Venice wouldn’t necessarily be a first choice amongst black couples…especially Nigerian couples…I say this because we hardly came across any other black couple during our stay there but I really think it’s well worth the money and much better and romantic than the usual ParisLondonDubai etc.

I can see why it wouldn’t float everyone’s boat though. personally, I think you need to love water, appreciate art and have a quirky sense of adventure to enjoy the City.

We took so many pictures and I’ve been wondering what to do with them all this while so I’ve decided to share them with you.

I hope I’m giving you a view of Venice from the lens of a tourist and amateur photographer….enjoy!



People waiting for the bus (Vaporetto) and yes….that IS the bus stop.043051053 055 056

I suppose you wouldn’t really like this if you were sea sick!077098

The Famous San marcoi square

T View From the Rialto Bridge

Venice 122Venice

The famous San Marco church? Cathedral? Not sure….but it’s beautifulVenice

Hard Rock Cafe….in Venice!

Glass sculptures all made locally at the Murano Glass factoryVeniceVenice

Nothing beats the view of Venice by night!174VeniceVenice

Dunno who or what he is…but we did have to walk an awful lot just to get to him….178

San Marco Square

San Marco Square

The Famous Gondolas

The Famous Gondolas


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