Holby City Vs Grey’s Anatomy

Here in the UK, we have our share of medical drama just as in the US with “Grey’s Anatomy”, “House”, “Scrubs” and “ER“. We can boast of at least three I believe; “Doctors”, “Holby City” and “casualty”. Of all three, I can only talk about Holby because it’s the only one of three that I do watch consistently. The other two, I probably couldn’t care much for ; I just find their pace far too slow and I can’t connect with the characters.

Holby Cast: Even in Pictures, they look too calm and collected!

Holby Cast: Even in Pictures, they look too calm and collected!

I guess it’s safe to say “Holby City” is the UK’s answer to “Greys Anatomy“. Whether there is any basis for comparison is another matter entirely. I’ve been a fan of Grey’s Anatomy since I was in Uni back in Nigeria and it’s amazing that I still feel every bit as excited about each new episode as I did all those years ago when I first watched the show. Obviously, as with most of these dramas, if a real life hospital was plagued by half as many personal dilemmas, scandals, traumas and relationships on the show, we’d all be dead.


No other medical drama has provided us with so many anguishing moments while simultaneously giving us inspiration and hope. I’ve sworn to stop watching the show after each cliff hanger at the season finale, especially since Shonda Rhimes decided it was fun to start killing off beloved and strong characters of the show (I still haven’t forgiven her for killing off Sloane and Lexie!).

As I am in the UK where we never get to watch any American shows until the Americans have had their fill, I know by the start of this season already airing in the US(We’ll probably get to see it by the end of the year if we’re lucky), that we’re going to lose Dr Webber too…..ah *sigh*.

I might complain about the demise of some of my characters on the show but the fact that I still carry on watching, despite being mad at the creators and writers of the show is a testament of the sheer genius of these individuals. A skill the BBC and the creators of Holby City might want to emulate.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Holby City. But the kind of love I have for it is ….what can I say….settled? Like I feel comfortable watching it in the knowledge that nothing disruptive is ever going to happen. It’s going to be a typical day at the hospital, patients will come in, patients will go out. Some will die, some will be operated on. Good news will be shared, just as bad news will be shared. Staff relationships will be rattled, but then they will be resolved in the end.

See I like that and I’m sure a lot of British viewers also like it, but if the show is ever to compete on the same level as Grey’s Anatomy, team Holby have really got to bring it!

In truth, I am already biased about this topic, even before I started to write about these two shows. I have always been of the opinion that the US does it better in the field of entertainment. With a few exceptions like 007 and maybe Harry Potter? The US is the home of block busters and I think I know why. It’s simply because they aren’t ok with ‘Comfortable’! They’re willing to take risks, they infuse excitement and craziness into their plots and that’s what gets you hooked….the anxiety, the not knowing.

Last night’s Holby City was proof of America’s superiority in entertainment. We were left with a compelling secene of Chantelle and Digby in a horrific accident….exciting! Obviously, we knew that one of them would surely die or suffer a life changing injury or something. Only, none of that happened, instead, it was Malik who was in a different car who had his arm cut off while rescuing Chantelle and everyone else got off lightly.

A tragic scene In Greys Anatomy....now that's some action

A tragic scene In Greys Anatomy….now that’s some action

That wasn’t the only thing I found irritating, The whole pace of the rescue operation was so slow and dragging, I was beginning to lose interest before they’d even gotten to the Hospital. there was simply no pzazz and it left me with a feeling of having being forced to eat soggy pancakes.

I wish there’d been more drama, faster pace, and that story should have taken centre stage without any other side plots.

Anyways….rant over. What do I know….I’m just a viewer and as it stands, if there was ever a situation in the world where I was stuck with just two options and I had to choose between “Holby City” and “Greys Anatomy”…..I would undoubtedly choose the latter.

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