Are we being Invaded By Spiders?

Had to find a not so scary picture

Had to find a not so scary picture

I am the biggest scaredy cat in the whole entire universe! I jump at the sight of anything that creeps, crawls or flies, which obviously means that there’s an exhaustive list of things that I am afraid of. In that list, spiders come first…they freak me out (sorry, I know some of y’all love ’em!).

Imagine my horror at reading today’s story in metro about a family who actually had to LEAVE their home due to some kind of spider infestation! What? In this London? Where they at?

And it gets worse.

The poor woman apparently made the gruesome discovery after tucking into a bunch of bananas she bought from Sainsbury’s when she noticed what she thought was mould on one of the bananas, before you could say bang! the spiders had begun to hatch and were playing hide and seek around the house…oh my god! Before you start to criticise my squeamishness; for want of a better word, my fears are actually founded as these particular spiders are known to be dangerous and could have led to serious medical implications had any member of her family been beaten. Did I also mention that she’s got a baby? Now you see where I am coming from!

I got goose bumps reading that story this morning and I’m getting a bit paranoid now because this is not the first spider story lately. Last week, a whole school had to close because of spider infestation. I’m not sure if it was the same specie as the ones above but they posed enough threat for the school to decide to close up.

The other day, I noticed a humongous web around my doorway, got the hubby to swipe it out or do whatever he had to do to get rid off it, and the next day……it was right back! This time, the web was connected from the doorway to the hubby’s side mirror….is that creepy or what????!

If London is going to be invaded by spiders, please let it not be the horror movie kind of infestation, can you be lenient and send the Spider man types please? I’ve always been a fan strangely enough :-)


Go on....tell me what you think. I love Reading Your Replies!

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