Could this be London’s Barack Obama?

And here he is with Barack Obama in 2005!

And here he is with Barack Obama in 2005!


I hear Labour MP for Tottenham- David Lammy has declared interest in running for Mayor of London during the next elections in 2016. If successful, he will be the first black mayor of London. This is great news and it takes great guts and determination to come out and put his cards out on the table while some are still dithering. The question is will you be voting for him? Will I? I don’t know to be honest.


I can’t confidently say I know much about his track record to make an informed decision, but if his handling of the London riots which happened in his constituency is anything to go by, maybe not. I don’t think the victims of the riots were delivered all that they were promised in terms of compensation. While that may not primarily be his fault, I still feel he could have done more to ensure those people got something to help them get back on their feet.


I also do not really think he’s got any charisma, I mean look at Boris! We say he’s silly and unconventional but yet he’s had a great track record as Mayor and I daresay people would vote for him again, should he decide to run for a third term. This is exactly my problem with labour. I’ve never voted, obviously because I’m an immigrant and it’s taken a few years to understand the political landscape in Britain and make up my mind. If I were to vote today, I’m 90% certain I would vote labour, why? Because, as much as I understand the reasons behind a lot of conservative policies; I think they’re targeting the wrong people to pay for the economic crisis, namely we the ordinary people. The way they are going about it, people who genuinely depend on the society are being punished alongside those who are milking the tax payer for selfish reasons.


This is not to say that I think Labour would do a better job, I just feel more comfortable aligning myself to the left not necessarily to the right. If there was a mid way, I’d take it, for now, no such party exists so, left it is.


Apparently, Diane Abbot is also considering contesting, well, let’s just say I’m all for women empowerment, but in this case, I would rather pitch my tent with David Lammy. If Labour is really serious about winning elections, they need to wake up and smell the coffee; there’s more to elections than manifestos and good intentions, sometimes, it’s also a personality contest and right now, the conservatives are winning……at all levels.




Go on....tell me what you think. I love Reading Your Replies!

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