Why On Earth Was Godfrey Bloom on ‘Have I Got News For You’?

Last night’s episode of have I got news for you has to be one of the most uncomfortable moments in television ever.

Godfrey Bloom, who in case you didn’t know him is the former UKIP, now independent MEP who was recently accused of trampling all over feminism when he made a comment about women being ‘Sluts’ for not cleaning behind their fridge.

If you didn’t hear about that one, he’s also the star of the Bongo Bongo land fiasco which led to a national debate about how much Britain was giving in aid to developing countries, particularly Africa. During the whole uproar, he struck me as a pompous, insensitive and an indignant person and I’m sorry to say, I think I was right!

I’m all in favour of freedom of speech but I do also propose that one must think about what one is about to say before saying it…you know, just to make sure that it makes sense and at least carries some weight, especially when you’re in political office. Particularly since we live in an era where being Political correct has become the mantra of our society.

I have to question the judgement behind inviting him on the BBC show, just because the programme is based on satire doesn’t mean we the audience would appreciate the point of view of a panelist who is clearly insensitive about the society that he currently lives in.

Even his fellow panelists Ian Hislop and Victoria Coren were obviously uncomfortable being in his presence. I have to applaud Victoria for her ability to refrain from konking him on the head with her heels! There were times during the programme that I felt like shaking him! Like when he said a stripper hired for his pleasures during his stag do would have been very happy to have been paid a hundred pounds to have his head buried in her boobs! Or when he asked why the channel 5 presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy, whom he famously walked out on during an interview had an Irish name? What? He can’t have an Irish name because he’s of Asian origin? Besides, what kind of person thinks Murthy is an Irish name?

I usually enjoy Have I got news For You, but not tonight, There were far too many awkward moments and they weren’t in the least amusing. Whether he was invited to be the butt of jokes on the show or so that the other Panelists could pick on him or to expose his semi racist views, it was in the words of today’s teenagers; An Epic Fail.



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