I don’t Need £200 to Make Me Breastfeed My Baby,there are 100 Better Reasons To Do It

Forgive the never-ending title. I struggled with different ones that were even longer (and far too rude) to be published so I just settled for this. So the Government is proposing giving new mums a £200 incentive to encourage Breastfeeding? I don’t understand this at all.

Everyone knows that Breastfeeding is the obvious choice economically. It’s free and as easy as 123 when compared to the hassles involved in formula feeding so why would anyone think that money is the reason people don’t breastfeed? When you breastfeed, you save yourself an average of £20 a month from not buying formula as one pack can cost as much as £9.99. You don’t need to worry about baby falling ill through contamination from unsterilised bottles and teats because all that has been naturally taken care of. All you have to do is get your boobs out and feed your baby. It’s not difficult at all and neither is it expensive so why would anyone think financial incentive will make people do it more?

In my opinion, this scheme is never going to work because, women who breastfeed their baby, do so because they want to. It’s a matter of choice.

If you’ve decided not to breastfeed your baby, I doubt that £200 pounds in vouchers is going to change your mind. It’s as though people think women don’t really think about their decisions and choices before taking them.

There are women who cannot breastfeed for medical reasons, others for physical reasons…you may not agree with their decision, but at the end of the day, it’s their body and they have the ultimate say on what they do or don’t do with it.

I know a few women who chose not to breastfeed their babies and I swear to you, some of them look even healthier than my exclusively breastfed ones and I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary. They also hit all their milestones at the same time as breastfed ones, I know this because I was watching out to see if there was going to be any difference or variations between my breastfed ones and formula fed babies, all because it’s been drummed into my head and subconscious that formula fed babies somehow don’t quite make the cut.

Also, women in developing countries like Nigeria only breastfeed exclusively for about 3 months because they have to return to work and their babies are as healthy as a fiddle so can we just stop this scaremongering and face up to reality?

Yes, breastfeeding is best for baby and most new mothers would love to breastfeed their babies till yonder (in an ideal world), however, in the real world, this isn’t always possible and it is unfair to make women who can’t or chose not to do this feel like they are doing humanity a great disservice. Bottle or breast, it’s the love and care that counts, everything else will take care of itself.

Go on....tell me what you think. I love Reading Your Replies!

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