Christmas Cheer!!!

“Oh I wish it could be Christmas, everydayyyyyy!……” know that song? It’s one of my favourite Christmas tunes and it’s what’s buzzing in my head right now :-D. Wrote this post at the beginning of the month but just didn’t get around to posting it, now all the festive buzz has sort of reached a … Continue reading

Life For Rent

The journey through life for everyone is so different that you sometimes have to wonder if we are all part of the same world. For some, being born and growing up is as straightforward as ABC. For others, the struggle begins even before they’ve made their debut into the world. And for those who do, … Continue reading

Going Back To Work After Having A Baby…

Going Back To Work After Having A Baby…

While you’re on Maternity leave, the one thing that will occupy your thoughts (apart from your baby of course) is the thought of going back to work. You might be excited or terrified. Anxious and paranoid. You probably feel you’ve changed both physically and emotionally, you wonder if you’re still going to be able to … Continue reading